Are you Leading Your Heart…

I was reading The Love Dare book and in it the author suggest that we should lead our hearts and I agree. The whole world says that you should “Follow Your Heart” but what happens when your heart is not in a good mood? Consider this… if you are not leading it, then who or what is? I know one thing about myself and that is that my feelings change on a daily basis. Especially about things that have little value in my life. But when it comes to more important matters, such as matters of the heart, I want to be secure and confident in how I feel. Take my wife for example, I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that she will love me forever. I know this because she told me that she has made a decision to love me! She is leading her heart toward that which is best for her on a long term basis. We feel elation and joy when we feel in love. But what happens when those feelings hide? Love then becomes a decision! I encourage you to make a decision to Love no matter what your feelings say. Love is selfless, sacrificial and transformational.




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