Listen With Your Heart

Feelings are a part of who we are.
Feelings change quickly.
Feelings are neither right nor wrong.
Rejecting the feeling is the same as rejecting the person feeling it.
Don’t judge yourself or your spouse on what they are feeling.
Don’t make decisions based on feelings.
We all have a deep desire to be understood. It’s easy to share your thoughts. But if you want to experience deeper intimacy try sharing your feelings. Most people have a hard time sharing their feelings. Perhaps it is because they fear rejection or they fear that it won’t come out right. It’s not easy to communicate in words what you are feeling to someone.  Can you put into words what you are feeling? What are feelings anyway? Can a feeling be accurately articulated? I think in order to understand what a person is feeling they need to look beyond what is spoken and listen with your heart to the emotion beneath the words. If it is deeper intimacy you are looking for then listen with your heart and ask yourself, “What is she feeling?” And remember to react with a loving heart.

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