Things You Should Say To Your Spouse

“I Love You!”
“I was wrong.”
“Good Job!”
“What Would You Like?”
“You Are Wonderful.”
“What is on Your Mind?”
“That was Really Great!”
“Let Me Listen.”
“I Appreciate All The Things That You’ve Done For Me All These Years!”
“I Missed You Today!”
“You Are So Special!”
“I Couldn’t get you off of my mind Today.”
“What can I do to Help?”
“Pray for Me.”
“I’m Praying for You Today.”
“I Love To See Your Eyes Sparkle When You Smile”
“As Always, You Look Good Today!”
“I Trust You”
“Thank You For Loving Me”
“I Can Always Count On You!”
“Thank You for Accepting Me”
“You Make Me Feel Good”
“You Make Everyday Brighter”
“I Prize Every Moment We Spend Together”
“I’m Sorry”

Dr. Steve Stephens – From Marriage: Experience the Best


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